Who We Are


We are a Full Gospel, Bible Preaching Fellowship


Our vision starts by having a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. It consists of understanding what He has done, who He has made you, how to know of Him and walk with Him and to purposefully build relationships with others. The desire of Koinonia Christian Fellowship is to be known for sharing the love of Jesus in thoughtful relationships with both Christians and non-Christians as we live out these truths by the power of the Holy Spirit. We see this taking place by sharing core truths of the Christian faith. We strive to create a community of believers that stand together and build each other up.


We include time for praise reports and sharing what we’ve learned or how we can use it, during our Sunday services and small groups. We pray together, sing together, learn together and show our love to each other, knowing our unity will display Jesus to those who don’t know Him yet.


Our unity comes from the Holy Spirit leading each one of us. We rely on the Holy Spirit and God's written word to reveal what a God pleasing life looks like for each one of us. Because of who we are in Jesus, and the Spirit's power that strengthens us, we can live lives marked by freedom and holiness.


We rely on God moving through people in our church to provide everything we need to reach our community for Jesus, including the people to create and lead ministries, the volunteers to staff it, and the reources to do it. Over the years, the individuals that God has added to our body have allowed us to reach our community by each person responding to His calling to give their time, abilities and resources. We strive to let God provide the motivation for each person to give their time of sharing His message with those around us.



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